Wood Surfaces

Exterior wood surfaces enhance the aesthetical appeal of your home which increases the overall worth of your property as well as offers a pleasant and enjoyable outdoor living space. These surfaces are continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions and with age, their gleam gradually fades away which makes them look unattractive. At Finishes Pro, we have got years of hands-on experience in wood restoration.

We offer professional-level wood care services to restore, protect and preserve the exterior wood surfaces and furniture around your house. With our years of experience, we have developed a complete understanding of suitable techniques. We always make sure to use the best products for wood protection. This makes us the expert wood care service provider. We carefully decide to use the most appropriate restoration techniques according to the condition and type of wood that assures the best outcome and lasting protection that you can enjoy throughout the season.

Exterior Wood Surface

Finishes Pro offers cleaning, sanding, brightening, sealing and maintenance for following exterior wood surfaces:

  • Garage and Front Doors
  • Wood Decks
  • Wood Siding
  • Teak Furniture
  • Gazebos
  • Wood Fences
  • Wood Gates
  • Wood Windows
  • Wood Trim
  • Wood Rot Repair

Exterior Wood Refinishing Process


Our wood cleaning services help you get rid of contaminants and dirt that has deposited on your wood surfaces over the years. It also removes years of weathering and dead wood fibers.


Specific exterior wood surfaces require the use of mild and environment-friendly stripper. It helps in striping off hard or film-forming coating of inferior products from the wood surface.


The most crucial part of the exterior wood surface refinishing process, sanding removes the remaining tough deposit of debris and contaminants accumulated over the years which are not removed by cleaning or striping. It helps removing a fine layer of dead wood and reveal the fresh layer of new wood.

Wood Brightening

Our specialized wood brightening process helps in eliminating mold and mildew and also helps in preventing further buildup. As a result, it enhances and protects the natural color of the wood.

Sealing or Staining Wood

Sealing is necessary for most of the exterior wood surfaces and furniture. It helps is keeping the wood moisturized and healthy. Sealing also protects wood from weathering and decay, eventually extends the life of the wood. At Finishes Pro, we offer a wide range of natural sealer and stains for each kind of wood.


Varnishing is mostly suitable for vertical exterior surfaces. This is a process which demands years of experience and expertise because it is extremely important to select the right product. At Finishes Pro, we offer a large selection of high-quality varnishes in various sheen and formulas.

Furniture Repair

Patio furniture starts to loosen up with age when woodwork, adhesives, and fastening system starts to fail and hardware catches rust. The expert craftsmanship at Finishes Pro can fix all such issues. Our expertise also includes finding and matching any piece of outdoor furniture that may require replacement.


At Finishes Pro, we offer professional wood care for the exposed wood surfaces which can rot with the age and needs replacement when they can’t be salvaged anymore. We offer superior craftsmanship in repairing all kinds of exterior wood surface. Our expertise assures finding and matching the exterior wood which needs to be replaced.

Wood Structure Inspection and Repair

We offer through inspection of the exposed wood surface to identify loosening, popped up screws, and slackening joinery. We make the best use of our woodworking background and skills and follow a highly professional approach to address and resolve all such issues.

Property Protection

Our refinishing process assures complete protection of your wood surfaces surrounding your property. We intend to transform your fading wooden surfaces and furniture into a clean and spotless work of our art.