Wood Surfaces

Interior wood structures can naturally embellish any part of your home which enhances and transform its overall appearance. With the usual wear and tear, these wooden structures indie your home tend to lose their natural shine and color which adversely affects their aesthetical appeal.

With high-quality professional wood care, Finisher Pro is specialized in dealing with all such issues. Our expert wood protection and preservation services are aimed at enhancing the comfort of your home, making it a pleasant place to live in. Whether you wish to simply restore the natural color or you want a complete makeover, Finishes Pro guarantees the best solutions which will bring back the original glory of the wooden surface and furniture inside your home.

Interior Wood Surface

Finishes Pro offers maintenance, refinishing and painting for following interior wood surfaces:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Wood Doors
  • Trim And Molding
  • Wood Staircase
  • Wood Paneling
  • Wood Ceilings
  • Wood Décor

Interior Wood Refinishing Process


Interior wooden surfaces are exposed to a number of contaminants that lead to deterioration and with time it makes them look undesirable. We start restoring process with thorough cleaning to eliminate the years of buildup of different contaminants such as grease, grime, and dirt to make the surface look as good as new and desirable.

Wood Color Enhancement

If the interior wood surfaced around your house such as cabinets and furniture has lost its luster and you wish to restore its original color than you must hire Finishes Pro. We offer expert wood color enhancement service by refreshing the top oxidized protective coating.


If you wish to have a full-color change or desire new wood exposure then our stripping process will serve you best. It will strip off the old coating, providing you with the desired look.


It is the most important part of our wood surface refinishing and preserving process. We offer different levels of sanding according to your desired outcome. We use a variety of techniques ranging from fine scuffing to mechanical removal of deep old debris and dead wood.

Pre-Stain Conditioning

You fresh raw wood surface will require pre-stain conditioning, particularly the softwoods. This process provides complete protection from stains and color absorption and penetration into the wood grain.

Natural and Custom Staining

For complete protection and preservation of your interior wood surfaces and furniture, Finishes Pro offers a large variety of natural and custom stain. Our expertise helps us determine the appropriate technique for each kind of stain application. Our expert technician will work along your side to deliver outcome beyond your expectations.

Painted Finish

For a complete makeover of your cabinets, wood furniture, and all other interior wood surfaces, Finisher Pro offers high quality painted finishes

Clear Coats

At Finishes Pro, we offer an extensive range of clear top coatings for enhanced protection of former stain wood and assure extra protection from regular wear and tear. These top coatings will add warmth, depth, and richness to any kind of wood surface you have. We offer top coats with different sheen and formula according to the type of wood and desired outcome.

Hardware Replacement

At Finishes Pro we offer extra value to our clients by offering hardware replacement without any additional cost. Once your cabinets, furniture or any other interior wooden surface is complete restored, we can replace and install new hardware (provided by customer) to assure complete protection and lasting results.


Our expert wood craftsman at Finishes Pro offer repair service for all kinds of issues with your cabinets, furniture, and all other wood surfaces.

Property Protection

Your wooden structures around your home will be fully protected throughout the course of our protection and preservation process. We will leave behind a thoroughly cleaned and spotless space for you to enjoy our artwork.